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Mailing Address: ALONGSIDE PO Box 587 Richland, MI 49083

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Can you think of the person who first introduced you to Christ? Was there a Pastor in your life who reached out to you when you really needed it? Maybe it was a Missionary who challenged you in a special way to grow spiritually?

I think we can all think of one or more people who serve the Lord who made a huge impact on our spiritual journey.Have you ever wondered where those precious people go for help with their life and ministry challenges?

Ministry is not easy, whether in the US or overseas, whether pastorate or missionary, children & youth or adults--- ministry is challenging.Pile on top of these the same challenges we all face daily with the cost of living rising, enriching your marriage, raising children, being a compassionate neighbor & friend, loving extended family well – the list goes on and on.

Alongside is that place where they can go to receive that care that they need but we need your help. You can honor those special people who invested so unselfishly in your life by becoming a ministry partner. You help us provide a needed safetly net for those in ministry who needs someone to care for them.

Mailing Address: ALONGSIDE Inc. PO Box 587; Richland, MI 49083